3 Phase GSM/GPRS Meter :

VTX-34G is Electronic Three Phase Four Wire GSM Energy Meter mainly developed for domestic and commercial applications. This model has remote disconnect/reconnect relay along with comprehensive Anti- Tempering features and suitable for high power theft areas. 


  • It satisfies IEC 62053-21 & 23, Class 1 Accuracy Requirements
  • Complies to DLSM/COSEM Communication Protocol
  • Built in Advanced GSM/GPRS Engine for Secure Data Communication
  • GSM/GPRS Communication Status on LCD
  • Built-in relay for remotely Disconnection/ Re-connection as per IEC 62058-31
  • Active and Reactive Energy Measurement.
  • Active and Reactive Power Measurement.
  • Reading Display in Case of Power Outage/Failure
  • Active Energy Class 1.0
  • Reactive Energy Class 2.0
  • Power Factor
    • Instantaneous (by Phase & Average)
    • Monthly Average (by Rate and Total)
  • Identification and Storage of Reverse Energy Flow Event with Date and Time Stamp
  • MDI (Max demand indicator).
  • Frequency Measurement.
  • Low Battery Indication.
  • Pulse Output Displayed on LED for kWh.
  • Pulse Output Displayed on LED for kvarh.
  • Optical Communication Port for Laptop / PC.
  • Programming of Tariff and Seasons through Energy Management System Software
  • Reliable high contrast LCD with ultraviolet protection
  • Phase Indication (A, B, C).
  • Display Scroll and MDI Reset Buttons.
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