Single Phase Meter :

VTX-12 is Electronic Single Phase Two Wire Energy Meter mainly developed for domestic and commercial applications. This model upholds comprehensive Anti- Tempering features and suitable for high power theft areas. Meter is capable to record energy even when neutral is missing.


  • This meter fully satisfies IEC 62052, Class 1 accuracy requirements.
  • The meter is protected against Electromagnetic interferences as
  •  Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  •  Fast Transient Bursts
  • Electrical Surges
  • Lightening Impulses
  • AC/DC Magnetic Fields as per IEC 61000-X-X requirements.
  • Seven digits register showing energy consumption (kWh)
  • kWh reading display on LCD in case of power outage/failure
  • Current sensors are available on both neutral & phase lines
  • Low battery indication when 25% life of the battery is left
  • Pulse output (3200 impulses/kWh) displayed by LED on meter face plate
  • Reliable LCD with ultraviolet protection
  • No effect of tilt /rotation on meter accuracy
  • Resistant against dust & moisture
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