Mold Building

Mold Building is the fundamental building block to successful injection molding which if not done with careful consideration can lead to unsatisfactory results.

  1. This often takes multiple iterations of part design and mold modification to reach a successful outcome.
    1. Sometimes even the best effort utilizing all the state of the art tool technology provides today doesn’t result in an acceptable outcome.
    2. The best way to ensure the outcome has the highest chance of succeeding is methodically employ all the technology options available today.
  2. With the application of computer simulations of molding process many unforeseen technical roadblocks to successful molding of the plastic part are avoided and the number of iteration until satisfactory part geometries is reduced. This is the best way to shorten the time required to get the outcome desired in launching new products.
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Tooling Support carefully monitored often finished ahead of schedule.

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HiTech Plastics and Molds is a custom injection plastic manufacturer whose concentration has been on plastic injection molding and mold making. Our molding shop has a combined experience of over 29 years. We like to get involved from the ground up to assist our customers in creating a molding solution that takes maximum advantage of our processes. HiTech has a complete set of mold design and manufacturing capabilities including 3D modeling, CAD, and CAM as well as CNC 3 axis machining, EDM, and CNC turning equipment, pantograph, optical comparators and Real Time capable computer tracked production equipment.

HiTech uses a combination of Solid Works, Auto CAD and professional design partners in enhancing the product design given to us initially by the customer. Once the product design is finalized, the customer can request a rapid prototype using 3D printing in order to see how the part will look and feel.

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From the concept or CAD files and/or rapid prototype of the product provided by the customer, our mold makers will begin to design the mold itself. Using Solid Works, the tool designer can develop the most accurate and reliable product designs in the least amount of time. There will be collaboration between our engineers and the customer’s engineers in planning the mold, the number of mold cavities (meaning the number of parts the mold makes at a time), whether or not special cooling will be required, the use of inserts, hot runner systems, or any other factor that will make the molding of your part successful.

HiTech Plastics and molds expertise includes:

  • Multi-Cavity Molds
  • Large Part Molds
  • Precision Molds
  • Thin Wall Molds
  • Insert Molds
  • Hot Runner Molds
  • Family Molds
  • Prototype Molds
  • SPI Class 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105
  • Aluminum Molds

When building a mold there are different classifications that need to be considered. The classifications designate the number of cycles the mold will repeat before “wear and tear” of the mold. Depending on the number of parts manufactured per year, a mold class will be chosen. A mold which will be producing a high volume (millions of parts per year), multi- cavities, and a long product life expectation will be built to the highest classification.

Mold Class Chart

HiTech also offers a complete tool room for maintenance and repair of your molds. Our expert tool makers can manage and produce even the most demanding product tolerances.

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